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In this crazy world of marketing your property, there are a lot of things to be done and a lot of choices to be made. One of the first that you have to make is whether or not to use a realtor to sell your home or a marketing group to promote your development.

Realtors know the business of selling a home, so chances are, your property will get more exposure if you hand the promotions over to a professional. That’s where The Steve Volkers Group Comes in.

The SVG Firm got to where they are today by selling homes in the goal to better the community we live in. We believe in service through sharing the resources that are given to us to better the lives of our clients and in turn, bettering the life of our community.

Our Services

Professional Photography

We take pretty pictures. We thrive to make your home stand above the rest. We will walk you through the steps of preparing your home so it looks better than others in the same price range. The photos will reflect your hard work and with our online presence we will make sure your home is noticed.

Professional Video Productions and Walkthroughs

We are always looking for the next video project. Video is a simple and effective way to communicate to the masses at a fraction of the time.

Graphic Design

There’s a theme here, do you see it? We see our business of selling homes as an art form. Want your property to get attention? Give it a visually pleasing frame. That’s what we do with all of our listings.

Blogs on a site that ranks in the top of Google

That’s right. Steve Volkers Group is in the top 1% of Google searches on the web. Not only on this site, but on our affiliate sites too. Contact us for more details.

Social Media

Facebook recently registered its 500 millionth customer. Yes 500,000,000 people are on Facebook now. On twitter, there are over 100 million. Flickr has close to 800,000 users. Craigs List has 50 million users in the US alone. That’s quite an audience. Steve Volkers Group has a presence on all of those sites and more.

Brochures and paper marketing

Paper takehomes, brochures and mailouts work. There’s a reason people have used them since the invention of the commercial printing press. Just because we know how to market your home online doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how to use those traditional marketing techniques.


Do you know what the GRAR or SWMRIC listing services are? The Grand Rapids Association of Realtors listing service and Southwestern Regional Information Center listing service are two of the most important Real Estate marketing tools available today.

We Handle The Process

There’s a lot of paperwork and hoops you have to jump through when selling or buying a condo. We run the gauntlet every day so you don’t have to. When you list with Steve Volkers Group, all we need you to do is keep your house from being condemned, and we’ll handle the rest.