Affordable Downtown Grand Rapids Condos

I was asked the other day: Are there any condos in downtown that are affordable? And if so, where?

Obviously, affordable to one person might not be what is affordable to another.

But in my thinking “affordable” means under:

  • $150,000 with out tax benefits
  • $175,000 with tax benefits

So here are a couple of options for both:

With out tax break:


Boardwalk is still selling condos at different price ranges. Here’s an example of one that I could get you into that I would consider affordable: 940 – 317 MONROE AVE NW


Hillmount has many condos that are still for sale that are affordable.


Avenue 23 is also still for sale with a small boutique feel that is perfect for the buyer looking for function in a smaller space.


Monroe Center has 3 Project that are affordable: they are Fox Lofts, Brickway, and the Peck building. More great information to come on each of these Monroe Center condos for sale.

With tax breaks there is only one option that is affordable:


Union Square is starting to see resales popping up. There are currently 2 units on the market under $175,000 on the 1st and 2nd floors with more to come in the coming months. Let me know if you would like a list of the condos available in Union Square within this price range. 

I hope this get you started on your search for an Affordable downtown condo. All condos work with Realtors like myself and will pay me for the work I do for you and many times I am able to negotiate a better deal for you then the developer will give themselves.