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ArtPrize helping Grand Rapids Real Estate

This post was originally written on the Steve Volkers Group website.

There is an equilibrium with exposure and success.  If someone doesn’t hear about a product, how are they supposed to know that it even exists?  ArtPrize is helping Grand Rapids in more ways than current residence could possibly imagine.

Not only are we becoming the cultural hub for West and Mid Michigan, we are reaching out to the entire world in hopes to pull attention into the city, and letting the globe know that we are a thriving municipality.  ArtPrize brings a lot of attention to what we have to offer, opening venues from simple mom and pop restaurants to huge commercially known venues like the DeVos Performance hall.  But what does that mean for you, how could it help you sell your home?

Buyers hate thinking that their investments will be void or come up a loss in the years to come, and since Grand Rapids is hosting such great events, it’s unlikely that someone who actually visits the city will see a dilapidated area, and will notice what we have to offer.  We have great and affordable downtown condos that we offer for those who strive to be in the thriving culture that Grand Rapids has to offer.  Local theaters, restaurants, museums and night life offer those who look for adventure a taste of something new.

ArtPrize brings attention to one of the most cultural rich cities in the midwest.  We are proud of our art community, our local artists and their talents.  We are participating with Chicago and New York as a gateway for creativity and artistic residence.  ArtPrize helps local artist get world wide exposure, helps teach them to be a keystone in passing the artistic arch to those who are not familiar with terminology or artistic foundations.

ArtPrize helps spark the creative lines for the younger generations that never realized that this form of culture existed, and inspire them to become something more than even what they thought possible.  If you think back to one of your careers inspirational moments, you probably have a fond memory of the location, the atmosphere and the people that made it happen.  Imagine reaching that audience young, and impressing on them how great our city is.  We are influencing future residence of the city in mass proportions.

ArtPrize helps Grand Rapids Real Estate because it encourages growth, it motivates thought and shows that through an enriched diverse demographic, our city is a success both in enriching lives and for growing careers, families and culture.


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