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Bridge Street Market – Now Open!

With the August grand opening of the Bridge Street Market, Grand Rapids has added an upscaled, top-notch grocery store to the West-Side of town. This facility is one of the newest developments to hit the area, and it is fully focused on building the culture and community surrounding neighborhoods.

A large draw of the Bridge Street Market is its ability to provide fresh and affordable foods to a growing population of downtown Grand Rapids. With a large number of different brands and health-conscious options, this store is ideal for the local foodie. 

At first glance, you might mistake the market for a Whole Foods, but to many shoppers’ surprise, the Bridge Street Market is, in fact, a Meijer brand store.

As soon as you enter the sliding doors of the front entrance, you are hit with an inspiring wave of modernism and eco-friendly ambiance. With an expansive selection of food and friendly staff, the process of shopping into an enjoyable experience; and the large selection of craft beers and liquors make ideal weekend take-homes.



If you are interested in living in one of the more remarkable areas of downtown Grand Rapids; the West-Side of town offers every amenity you could desire.



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