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Avenue 23

Pet Friendly Condos In Grand Rapids

By SVG / February 7, 2012 /

Pet Friendly is a Great Thing! Love the downtown condo lifestyle but worried your favorite pet won’t fit in? Worry no more! There are numerous buildings downtown that are pet-friendly and offer green space for them to play and run around in. Most buildings do have pet restrictions though. These restrictions might include breed type, size, weight, age and number of pets per unit. Most associations are also strict on noise and making sure the building is enjoyable for all. If your pet likes to bark, you might want to make sure it won’t disrupt your neighbors. Here is a list of downtown housing that likes to see you and your pet! 38 Apartments 47 Lafayette Avenue 23 Boardwalk Condos CityView The Fitzgerald Fulton Flats The Gallery Apartments Hillmount Monroe Terrace Park Row Peck Condos Plaza Towers Riverhouse Union Square Please note this is not a full list. If you would like to see what is available in these buildings and others that allow pets, please contact me.

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Avenue 23 Condominiums Condominiums – First Quarter Review

By SVG / May 14, 2011 /

Avenue 23 Condominiums – – Grand Rapids Downtown Condo 1st Quarter Review Units are currently sold out. Avenue 23 Condominiums in Downtown Grand Rapids 1st Quarter Statistics:

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Search For Your Grand Rapids Condo!

By SVG / May 19, 2010 /
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Avenue 23 Drastically DROPS PRICES!

By SVG / February 15, 2010 /

Avenue 23 has lowered it’s prices to be the lowest Price Option in Downtown Grand Rapids Condo! It’s hard to find a Condo to rent in Downtown Grand Rapids for less than $1000 a month but now you can buy a condo and have a payment less than $600 a month. CRAZY! Pricing now Starts @ $62K

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What Clients are saying about Avenue 23!

By SVG / February 22, 2009 /

I was attracted to Avenue 23 Condos because of its convenient location, and homely atmosphere. Nestled on College Avenue, just off of Fulton Street, this apartment complex offers a dual advantage: it is peaceful and quiet, yet walking distance from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Grand Rapids. This combination not only makes the condos inviting for those working in a professional setting, but also to students that attend the numerous schools located nearby. Avenue 23 Condos are the perfect place to call home if you are looking for an affordable residence. As a first time investor, I was comforted by the fact that the prices were competitive, and that the location was ideal. Steve Volkers, and his business associate Michael Leestma were very helpful and made the process smooth for me. The paper work was completed in a timely manner, and if there ever was a concern, it was handled with utmost promptness. Their positive attitude and hands-on approach was very encouraging. I recommend Avenue 23 condos to anyone who is looking for a comfortable place to live or making an investment in the rental market. The management team’s honesty and helpfulness is only an added incentive. Wafa Adib-…

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Avenue 23 is now offering do-it-yourself condos!

By SVG / February 12, 2009 /

So what do I mean by Avenue 23 in downtown Grand Rapids offers a do-it-yourself condo? Well, have you ever watched Flip This House or wanted to rehab and live in a place you built? Now Avenue 23 is doing just that! Instead of us rehabbing the apartment into a new condo we allow you to do it. We can help if you want us to. Do as much or as little as you would like. The idea is you put your own sweet quite into your new condo and gain the benefits! We have 1 unit currently available to do this with. If you want to buy or rent a condo in downtown Grand Rapids, we want to be the people that help! It’s doesn’t cost you anything to buy with me! Email or call the Steve Volkers Group at any time!

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Avenue 23 New Pricing!

By SVG / October 30, 2008 /

I am excited to announce that Avenue 23 Condos have just become more affordable to everyone that wants to buy their first condo in Downtown Grand Rapids. With bringing people through Avenue 23 over the past month everyone is surprised at how big it feels and how great they are set up inside. One comment has been is there any way to make them more affordable? When asking what more affordable means to them they say, “I don’t need the granite counter tops or stainless steel I just want a nice place to live for the next couple of years.” So this is what we have done! We are making a new standard unit that will sell for $70,000. Yes you can now buy a downtown Grand Rapids condo for $70,000 that is very functional, with all new kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, paint, flooring, and much more. Let us know when you would like to take a tour of the project. Also see the new pricing on our upgraded units. Granite and everything high end for under $100,000.

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This Week’s Open Houses

By SVG / October 20, 2008 /

Avenue 23 October 21st & 23rd 4:30p – 6p Union Square October 22nd 4:30p – 6p

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Downtown Grand Rapids Condo Open House Month

By SVG / October 3, 2008 /

This month is Downtown Condo Open house! Yah open houses! I will be holding all of my great listing open for you all to come take a look around. So when can you come take a look around? See the below schedule. Also, if you’re thinking about buying in another building, or selling and you would like to just talk about the market please come on by. See you at the open house Avenue 23 Dates: Oct. 7th, 9th, 21st, 23rd, 28th, 30th Time: 4:30-6pm Fox Lofts Dates: Oct. 8th, 10th, 22nd, 24th, Time: 11:30 am – 1 pm Union Square Dates: Oct. 8th, 22nd, 29th Times 4:30 -6 pm Also don’t miss us at our new Bryon Center Condo Project- Center Park, which will be held open every Tuesday, 4:30p – 6:30p, and Saturday 11a – 2p.

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Avenue 23 Offering Lease Option!

By SVG / September 9, 2008 /

If you haven’t heard yet Avenue 23 is selling!  Investors are interested and buyers are wondering how to buy a condo in Downtown Grand Rapids with out a lot of money down. Avenue 23 has decided to address the issue of not having much money to put down. And how is Avenue 23 going to doing that you ask? Lease Option. You put a little money down, and then start paying rent. Then when you have enough saved up from the credit you get for your rent, and your deposit, you get to buy the condo. So, if you’re wondering if you can buy a downtown condo, Avenue 23 is going to make it possible. Shoot me an email if you would like me to send you the Lease Option terms, or if you would like to set up and appointment to see Avenue 23.

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