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Downtown Condo Sales – Grand Rapids Press Update

By SVG / May 31, 2011 /

The Grand Rapids Press did a Great Artical this weekend about Downtown Condo Sales and the influx of new buyers as values have come down. If you have a chances and are looking to sell or buy it worth a read. Oh- they also highlighted our work in Downtown showing us with a buyer in one of our great Hillmount listing!! Thanks Grand Rapids Press! Read article here- GR Press Downtown Condo Market update.

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Fox Lofts No Longer as City Flats is Under Way

By SVG / February 17, 2011 /

My first condo project in Downtown Grand Rapids didn’t end up making it through to completion. But I am really excited about the new use for the Fox Jeweler building! City Flats Hotel is well under way with Construction. If you haven’t visited City Flats Hotel in Holland, you should. It’s not only a great Hotel, but a great place to have a quite dinner. I can’t wait to take my wife out for the night to the new Downtown Grand Rapids City Flats Hotel on Monroe Center.

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El Dorado Condos- Investor Deals

By SVG / February 4, 2011 /

Over the last 2 week three as is investor rehab condos came in the market. Take a look.   Featured photo from:

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condos Foreclosure and Short Sales?

By SVG / February 2, 2011 /

Foreclosure and Short Sales: Are these a problem in downtown Grand Rapids condos? So, the word is out there; a bubble has burst in the Grand Rapids real estate market and it has not sparred downtown Grand Rapids condos. There is no marketing or statistic that can say condos have not been affected by this bubble along with the overall national economy. Jobs are the key. Without them, condos and homes will still be affected by short sales and foreclosures. So what’s next? For sellers – be aware of the value of your condo as new listings hit the market and sell.  It is important to know what they sold for and what you can do to help keep your building in good standing. Also, if you are struggling to make your payments, seek help!! I am more than willing to sit down talk through the options with you.  Letting it go too long will hurt you and your neighbors down the road. For buyers– I get the email that reads, “I am looking for a deal and want to buy a foreclosure.” Although this is possible, only a couple have popped up over the last year. If this is…

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condo Value?

By SVG / January 30, 2011 /

What is the true value for the Downtown Condo building I want to buy or sell in? It is hard to determine value in a condo project as some of the sales might not have been properly recorded at the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors. Some condos are not listed because there is no need to put them on the MLS (multiple listing service) if they sell before they are ready to be shown. Also, there are situations where things happen and a bank might sell the condo with out the help of a Realtor. So how does a buyer or seller determine the value of a building? You need to look at all angles! Meaning- Have someone like myself check the MLS for the latest sales data for a particular project. Check the public records at If the condo doesn’t show what it sold for on public records, it will be hard to determine what true sale price and value was. Being involved in downtown condo sales, I can usually give you some inside information of what is really happening within a building and where value is today and where value might be heading. I wish it was…

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Helen Devos Children’s Hospital

By SVG / January 11, 2011 /

Today marks an exciting day for Downtown Grand Rapids! Helen Devos Children’s Hospital opens its door in a brand new, state of the art building. Helen Devos Children’s Hospital has been open for quite some time operating out of the Butterworth Spectrum Campus but now, it has it’s own home. This amazing building offers kids a place to grow, feel safe, and heal. For parents, it offers quiet space to gain strength through difficult times. There are also private restroom facilities and rooms to speak to the doctors and nurses taking care of their precious children. For our community, it offers a first-class hospital focused on making our futures better through the healing and helping of our next generations. My heart is overwhelmed with excitement for this opening as just over 2 years ago my life was changed forever with the blessing that is Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. With their skilled staff, my boys were given every chance to live and grow. Thank you Helen Devos Children’s Hospital for what you have done for my family and what you will continue to do for all the families in our community.

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Hillmount Condos- Don’t miss out on the Deck

By SVG / November 6, 2010 /

Hillmount has a Great Stuff! Roof top decks all over Grand Rapids. Give us a Call and will help you find a great roof top deck in a Downtown Grand Rapids Condo.

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River House Condos! One big glass building!

By SVG / October 18, 2010 /

Steve Volkers, Grand Rapids’ Roving Real Estate Reporter talking about River House Condominiums.

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ArtPrize 2010

By SVG / September 22, 2010 /

ArtPrize officially kicks off today.  Last years competition brought about large river serpents, larger than life tables and chairs, extremely large oil paintings, scultpures of all genres and murals of epic proportion. We can’t wait to see what this year brings about!

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Search For Your Grand Rapids Condo!

By SVG / May 19, 2010 /
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