Avenue 23 Offering Lease Option!

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If you haven’t heard yet Avenue 23 is selling!  Investors are interested and buyers are wondering how to buy a condo in Downtown Grand Rapids with out a lot of money down. Avenue 23 has decided to address the issue of not having much money to put down. And how is Avenue 23 going to doing that you ask? Lease Option. You put a little money down, and then start paying rent. Then when you have enough saved up from the credit you get for your rent, and your deposit, you get to buy the condo. So, if you’re wondering if you can buy a downtown condo, Avenue 23 is going to make it possible. Shoot me an email if you would like me to send you the Lease Option terms, or if you would like to set up and appointment to see Avenue 23.

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Free Rental Services!!

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Downtown Grand Rapids Tours

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I have been having a blast over the last month taking tours of all the Downtown Grand Rapids Condo projects. With representing my Projects:  Avenue 23 and Fox Loft I get many calls of clients wanting to take a look and also clients looking for more information on other projects. So what I have been able to do is set up tours for each Condo project that attracts them in Downtown. One of the most popular tours is the Heritage Hill tour that I have brought more that 10 clients on over the last month. The Heritage Hill tour includes a walk through of Avenue 23, Fulton Flats and Hillmount. The tour with me allows you to understand the pluses and minuses of each building and allows you to ask questions in a free and fun environment I was able to help 4 buyers purchase condos on these tours over the last 3 weeks. The buyers purchased in Hillmount and in Fulton Flats. It didn’t cost the buyers anything, and my knowledge of the downtown market allowed them to relax and not feel pushed. Other tours that you can take in downtown with me: Monroe Center tour includes: Fox Lofts,…

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New Union Square Condo for Sale Unit 113A

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video source posted with vodpod Unit # 113A Union Square Condos 600 Broadway Ave #113A Grand Rapids, MI 49504 $249,900 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1250 Square Feet Stainless Steel Appliances Open Floor Plan Master bathroom Original Hardwood Floors Private entry Enjoy downtown living in Union Square. This 100 year old historical old school is now a blend of contemporary and historical design. One of kind Union Square Condo with private entry and fenced in front yard. You’ll enjoy many of the amenities included with this unit, which includes open floor plan, master bedroom, main floor laundry, and extra bedroom. Lawn care, sewer, insurance, trash, snow removal, and heat are all taken care of for you! Don’t forget about the Ren Zone Benefits!

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So what can you buy in Downtown Grand Rapids with $400,000 and above?

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Three new high end Grand Rapids Downtown Condo projects are getting close to completion, so I though we might take a look at the high end price point. River House– 335 Bridge St. Grand Rapids, MI You can’t miss River House if you tried. River House sits on Bridge Street and will be the tallest building in downtown Grand Rapids when finished. With 70% of this building sold out, this has become one of the models for how to develop, market and offer the right amenities in a downtown condo project. 11 Condos are currently active on the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors Fitzgerald- 27 Libary St Grand Rapids, MI The Old YMCA building is moving along at a very steady pace. With the old brick character and big windows this building shows how great making an old space into a new urban living can really add to Grand Rapids. Fitzgerald has also sold very well as many people have deiced to buy multiple condo units and make them into one bigger living spaces. 4 Condos are currently on the Market in the Fitzgerald for over $400,000 McKay Towers- The Mackay Towers, you would have to say, is in the…

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Two New Condo Projects in Downtown Grand Rapids

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New project are popping up to fill the void for affordable Downtown Grand Rapids Condo: Fulton Street Flats 458 E Fulton St, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Waddell Furniture 1115 Taylor Ave N, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Also: Fox Lofts just changed there pricing to have three units under $124,900.

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condo Sats. Last 6 Months

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condo Sales Numbers From Active Listings- 132 Sales Pending- 22 Sold- 6 Active Price per Sq/Ft- $230.47 Average List Price- $248,155

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Tall House Not Being Built. Now What?

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So if with Tall House not being built what is the status of the downtown condo market? With so many buildings proposed with price ranges over the $200,000 price point it was only a matter of time before one would not be built. Grand Rapids is growing and will continue to become stronger as more jobs come into downtown. This will also lead to a need of downtown living spaces. But what kind of living spaces are in need is yet to be played out. My thoughts based on the people that are calling me on a weekly basis looking for downtown condos is that the need is for affordable units. This means that an individual can afford on one income and not feel like the need to give up going to a show at the Van Andel Arena or going out for a drink with friends on a Friday night. So what is out there that is affordable and can meet the need of that buyer. In the city core you have: Fox Lofts Peck Building Brickway North of the City Core: Union Square Boardwalk Heritage Hill: Avenue 23 Hillmount 47 Lafayette I see all of these projects taking…

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Affordable Downtown Grand Rapids Condos

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I was asked the other day: Are there any condos in downtown that are affordable? And if so, where? Obviously, affordable to one person might not be what is affordable to another. But in my thinking “affordable” means under: $150,000 with out tax benefits $175,000 with tax benefits So here are a couple of options for both: With out tax break: Boardwalk is still selling condos at different price ranges. Here’s an example of one that I could get you into that I would consider affordable: 940 – 317 MONROE AVE NW Hillmount has many condos that are still for sale that are affordable.   Avenue 23 is also still for sale with a small boutique feel that is perfect for the buyer looking for function in a smaller space. Monroe Center has 3 Project that are affordable: they are Fox Lofts, Brickway, and the Peck building. More great information to come on each of these Monroe Center condos for sale. With tax breaks there is only one option that is affordable: Union Square is starting to see resales popping up. There are currently 2 units on the market under $175,000 on the 1st and 2nd floors with more to come…

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New Union Square Condo For Sale!

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600-122 Broadway, Grand Rapids MI 49504 from stevevolkers.vodpod. $194,900 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1100 SqFt. Walk in Closet Separate Master Bathroom Breakfast Bar Fenced in Front Yard Private Entry MLS #700716 Union Square with privacy! This Union Square Condo offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,100 square feet with private first floor entry, fenced in front yard, and all the amenities that Union Square offers like roof top pool, hot tub, game room, and gym. Also don’t forget the tax benefit of the Renaissance Zone.

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