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Monroe Center

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Most cities have that core section – where everything happens and everyone wants to be. Monroe Center is arguably the number one hot spot in downtown Grand Rapids. What once used to be a grassy area, Monroe Center Ave. is now bustling with entertainment, shops, and restaurants and is one of the busiest parts of the city. Constructed in the early 2000’s to be a ‘walking street’ for pedestrians, Monroe Center Ave. dissects through the city on a diagonal angle making it a gateway to numerous other parts of the city. It also was changed from walking-only to both walking and motor friendly. Rosa Parks Circle spearheads the start of Monroe Center with a statue of the famous Rosa Parks and a large space used as an amphitheatre for concerts in the summer, an ice skating rink in the winter and place to meet up with friends no matter the season. Just East of Rosa Parks circle is the new Grand Rapids Art Museum. Hosting artists as well known as Andy Warhol and as local as ArtPrize entries. Monroe Center holds city charm due to its brick road and original building facades as you venture down the street. Condo buildings such as McKay Tower, Peck, Front Row, City View and more…

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Welcome To Downtown Grand Rapids

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Hello and welcome to Downtown Grand Rapids! A thriving, vibrant city that is constantly growing, changing and adapting all while staying true to its roots. In order to appreciate downtown, you have to know downtown.  There are 5 major corridors to the downtown area: Central, Heartside, West Fulton, Heritage Hill, and Midtown. Central cooridor is where all the action happens. DeVos Performance Hall, City Headquarters and tons of local shops and boutiques can be found here, giving you endless options to entertain yourself, friends and family.  This is the prime location for living!  You are steps away from where everyone wants to be.  The Grand River also runs through dividing central downtown from the other sections. Heartside is where the original Grand Rapids started.  Here you will find historic buildings with outstanding handcrafted detail and if you’re lucky, the person who did it!  This part of town carries major art galleries, trendy restaurants, St. Mary’s Healthcare and is quickly becoming a hot destination spot for locals and tourists alike. Also in Heartside is the infamous Van Andel Arena where the Grand Rapids Griffin’s hockey team plays and major acts come to perform such as Elton John, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood…

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Downtown Condos in Renaissance Zones

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Often when touring buyers around Downtown Grand Rapids condos, they ask about those units in renaissance zones. There are few projects left with this status, however with new changes in the tax code there might be a change coming to even those remaining buildings. As you think about buying a condo, please make sure you take the time to understand each building. They are all so different and each have pros and cons associated with them. As we tour our clients through each of these projects, we hope to spend time with them to make sure they are making a wise decision with their financial future. Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have about the renaissance zone, parking, amenities, or condo associations. This is what we love to do and will do our best to get you answers.

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ArtPrize helping Grand Rapids Real Estate

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This post was originally written on the Steve Volkers Group website. There is an equilibrium with exposure and success.  If someone doesn’t hear about a product, how are they supposed to know that it even exists?  ArtPrize is helping Grand Rapids in more ways than current residence could possibly imagine. Not only are we becoming the cultural hub for West and Mid Michigan, we are reaching out to the entire world in hopes to pull attention into the city, and letting the globe know that we are a thriving municipality.  ArtPrize brings a lot of attention to what we have to offer, opening venues from simple mom and pop restaurants to huge commercially known venues like the DeVos Performance hall.  But what does that mean for you, how could it help you sell your home? Buyers hate thinking that their investments will be void or come up a loss in the years to come, and since Grand Rapids is hosting such great events, it’s unlikely that someone who actually visits the city will see a dilapidated area, and will notice what we have to offer.  We have great and affordable downtown condos that we offer for those who strive to be in the thriving culture that Grand Rapids has to offer.  Local theaters, restaurants, museums…

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The Fitzgerald Residence

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Luxury Living starts here. The Fitzgerald boasts unique features and designs of the highest quality. The Fitzgerald puts you in downtown living but in the most intimate way. Each residence has hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, tile showers, and professional design. While The Fitzgerald is in the midst of vibrant downtown life, your condo was made to ensure privacy and peacefulness. Though the city is right outside your door, you will still have all the conveniences of living in a traditional home. Live Luxuriously, call and make an appointment today. Click Here To See Condos At The Fitzgerald That Are For Sale Information: Price Range: $179,900-$799,900 Address: 27 Library City: Grand Rapids State: MI Zip: 49503 School District: Grand Rapids Amenities Central Air City Water/Sewer Exterior Home Maintenance Public Park Nearby Snow Removal Parking Garage Fitness Center Library Storage

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condo Values? Who Knows?

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Right now Grand Rapids Real Estate values are all over the place. Some neighborhoods are doing great other still are falling and trying to find their way. Downtown Grand Rapids Condos are no different as some building are finding their stride and other might still have room to fall. Be careful to understand value and what bring value over the long run before decided to buy in one building over another.

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Downtown Condo Sales – Grand Rapids Press Update

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The Grand Rapids Press did a Great Artical this weekend about Downtown Condo Sales and the influx of new buyers as values have come down. If you have a chances and are looking to sell or buy it worth a read. Oh- they also highlighted our work in Downtown showing us with a buyer in one of our great Hillmount listing!! Thanks Grand Rapids Press! Read article here- GR Press Downtown Condo Market update.

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2011 West Michign Home and Garden Show

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We will be at the West Michigan Home and Garden Show this weekend giving out free home value reports.  It’s important to know which investments are wise when it comes to adding value to your home.

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Fox Lofts No Longer as City Flats is Under Way

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My first condo project in Downtown Grand Rapids didn’t end up making it through to completion. But I am really excited about the new use for the Fox Jeweler building! City Flats Hotel is well under way with Construction. If you haven’t visited City Flats Hotel in Holland, you should. It’s not only a great Hotel, but a great place to have a quite dinner. I can’t wait to take my wife out for the night to the new Downtown Grand Rapids City Flats Hotel on Monroe Center.

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Grand Rapids Downtown Condos Foreclosure and Short Sales?

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Foreclosure and Short Sales: Are these a problem in downtown Grand Rapids condos? So, the word is out there; a bubble has burst in the Grand Rapids real estate market and it has not sparred downtown Grand Rapids condos. There is no marketing or statistic that can say condos have not been affected by this bubble along with the overall national economy. Jobs are the key. Without them, condos and homes will still be affected by short sales and foreclosures. So what’s next? For sellers – be aware of the value of your condo as new listings hit the market and sell.  It is important to know what they sold for and what you can do to help keep your building in good standing. Also, if you are struggling to make your payments, seek help!! I am more than willing to sit down talk through the options with you.  Letting it go too long will hurt you and your neighbors down the road. For buyers– I get the email that reads, “I am looking for a deal and want to buy a foreclosure.” Although this is possible, only a couple have popped up over the last year. If this is…

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