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Fairmount Square

Downtown Grand Rapids Tours

By SVG / May 28, 2008 /

I have been having a blast over the last month taking tours of all the Downtown Grand Rapids Condo projects. With representing my Projects:  Avenue 23 and Fox Loft I get many calls of clients wanting to take a look and also clients looking for more information on other projects. So what I have been able to do is set up tours for each Condo project that attracts them in Downtown. One of the most popular tours is the Heritage Hill tour that I have brought more that 10 clients on over the last month. The Heritage Hill tour includes a walk through of Avenue 23, Fulton Flats and Hillmount. The tour with me allows you to understand the pluses and minuses of each building and allows you to ask questions in a free and fun environment I was able to help 4 buyers purchase condos on these tours over the last 3 weeks. The buyers purchased in Hillmount and in Fulton Flats. It didn’t cost the buyers anything, and my knowledge of the downtown market allowed them to relax and not feel pushed. Other tours that you can take in downtown with me: Monroe Center tour includes: Fox Lofts,…

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Grand Rapids Parade of Downtown Living.

By SVG / May 14, 2008 /
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How far does the Downtown Grand Rapids Condo market stretch? Fairmount Square?

By SVG / May 2, 2008 /

I have wondered in writing about Downtown Grand Rapids Condos how far the borders actually stretch. My thinking is that a downtown condo in Grand Rapids fits in two categories and they are: Urban Core– Truly walk able to all things in the heart of Downtown Urban Lifestyle– Can still walk or ride your bike to most of Downtown Grand Rapids and be less than 5 miles from the city core. This could include: Heritage Hill, East Hills and Heartside District. With that being said I would like to highlight a new project that is being built. It’s called Fairmount Square. This is a project that would fall into the Urban Lifestyle Category. Fairmount Square is a new project that is being built by EastBrook Homes. This is not your typical high rise Grand Rapids Downtown Condo project. This project is made up on the old townhouse style condos. I have been asked to take people on tours of this new project, which sits behind the new ICCF building. Fairmount Square is built with the idea of affordable urban living with out giving up square footage. Most units boast 1400 square feet with basements that can be finished for more…

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