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Downtown Grand Rapids Condo Marketing Update

I just thought it would be good to make every one aware of how the downtown market is moving.

Over June and now July there seems to be a big upswing in young buyers looking to buy their first condo. Just this week, I have helped 4 buyers tour through the buildings that are affordable to the first time Condo buyers.

The most popular and affordable buildings that I have been touring with buyers are:


505 Cherry St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

With 10 condos under construction this building is selling very well right now. I have helped 3 buyers purchase in Hillmount over the past month, and have been able to negotiate a discount on the upgrades they wanted.

Avenue 23

23 College Ave Se Grand Rapids, MI 49503

With the new pricing on Avenue 23, this building offers a small condo for under $100,000. It is close to Grand Rapids Community College and all things downtown.


940 Monroe Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503

With the pool, restaurant and coffee shop, gym, and game room this building continues to sell very well. With most 1 bedrooms sold, we are starting to see new resale in this building come on the market.  Please let us know if you would like to take a tour.

Union Square

600 Broadway Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504


With most of the building sold out, we now have resales in the building. There are condos being resold in the low $140k’s. But with the Renzone the monthly payment would feel the same as a condo at $130k in any other building.

47 Lafayette

47 Lafayette Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

This is a new condo project has only 8 units available. It seems like it will be a well built building. If you’re looking for a condo and do not want all the little extras, or to deal with a bunch of noisy neighbors, this might be something to consider. Construction starts next week and you could have a condo completed in 8 weeks.

Take a Tour

If you want to take a tour of all the buildings, and understand the pluses and minuses to each building please give the Steve Volkers Group a call or shot us an email. Remember it doesn’t cost you anything to use my services to help you buy a condo in Downtown Grand Rapids.