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Expanding and Improving the Belknap Neighborhood

The Belknap neighborhood sits high atop the northeast side of the city and provides one of the more picturesque views of Grand Rapids. This area is home to a vibrant community filled with history and the growth of modern architectural appeal. With plenty of green space including Belknap Park, Lookout Park, and Coit Park, this part of town offers space to both relax and play.

Recent years have witnessed a spike in Belknap condo and home developments, offering high-end and spacious living arrangements for couples and families alike. Despite having immediate access to Grand Rapids’ downtown, your experience in the Belknap neighborhood will give you the unique calmness that other parts of town could be missing.

New Development Announced for Belknap

In the Summer of 2018 plans for the further improvement of the Belknap neighborhood was announced in the form of a new affordable housing development headed by Third Coast Development and PK Housing & Management. This endeavor is a part of a continuing effort to advocate reasonably priced housing for a growing downtown population. South of Trowbridge Road, and between Prospect and Lafayette, this project will include a total of 50 units and sit just a stone’s throw away from The Medical Mile district.

“This is a testament to our commitment to partnership and to collaboration and to really coming to the table to try to find solutions to complex community problems,” Explained Mayor Rosalynn Bliss in an interview with MLive.

The facility will offer up to 70% of the available units will be available at affordable housing rates; construction is expected to complete as soon as fall 2019.

Revolutionizing Grand Rapids’ Architecture

Completed in 2015, the Belknap Brownstones radiate with the semblance of Dutch canal homes, all while being settled in the warmth of a suburban neighborhood. Acclaimed for their architectural nuance, the Belknap Brownstones condos and townhomes display elegant brick facades paired with individualized artistic aesthetics. With immediate access to Coit Park, these units are ideal for families and the active urbanite seeking a city-living experience with the room and ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Taking a short walk to the north end of Belknap you will find Newberry Place Condos. As this warm co-housing development scales up Newberry Street, you are enveloped and enamored with parks and green space on every front. Walking up Newberry hill, you can picture Newberry Place perfectly at home in San Fransisco’s nicer residential district. This perfect location for growing families lies just a brief distance from Coit Arts Academy and Griff’s Ice House.

With years of improvement, and the introduction of new construction endeavors, The Belknap Neighborhood is rapidly growing with a close-knit cultural all it’s own. The long-term improvement to this neighborhood has introduced a standard for elegant condos with close proximity to downtown.


If you would like to live in the Belknap Neighborhood, contact us today to find your next condo!


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