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First-Time Homebuyers Choose Grand Rapids!

Grand Rapids was recently named the second hottest market for Millennials in 2019; according to a meta-analysis conducted by Market conditions and various other regional factors have developed Grand Rapids into one of the most desirable areas in the United States for first-time homebuyers, and young adults are taking note.

To local West Michiganders, the spoils of Grand Rapids often go overlooked when faced with the unpredictable weather of winter and the fast pace of everyday life. However, when reviewed the top US metro cities for 2019 a number of positive factors about Grand Rapids shone on a national scale including, school districts, median home sale, and home sales growth.

Projections for 2019 place the median price of Grand Rapids home at $187,319, which is significantly lower than the national median home price of $260,290. Keeping Millenials in mind, the opportunity to save over $72,000 on a given house’s sale combined with a projected 4% increase in home sales through 2019, has made ideal conditions for buyers looking to invest in their first home.

Choosing a school district to live within seems to be a consideration that often takes a bit of time and deliberation. Luckily, Grand Rapids is home to a total of eleven schools which rank 8/10 or higher on When compared to state-wide school metrics, Grand Rapids ranked higher on average than their statewide counterparts in academics, equity, and school environment. Overall, Grand Rapids schools proved to be powerful in terms of college readiness and student progress, which has provided an ideal opportunity for young adults with a focus on the quality of their children’s education.

Grand Rapids and it’s various economic and regional factors are attracting attention from Millenials and first-time homebuyers alike. The desirability to settle within Grand Rapids has brought revitalization to the market, and young adults are beginning to capitalize on this opportunity.

If you are looking to purchase a new home, or you are looking to sell your current property, we welcome you to contact our team or view our available properties here!

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