Grand Rapids Downtown Condo Value?

What is the true value for the Downtown Condo building I want to buy or sell in?

It is hard to determine value in a condo project as some of the sales might not have been properly recorded at the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors. Some condos are not listed because there is no need to put them on the MLS (multiple listing service) if they sell before they are ready to be shown. Also, there are situations where things happen and a bank might sell the condo with out the help of a Realtor.

So how does a buyer or seller determine the value of a building? You need to look at all angles!


  • Have someone like myself check the MLS for the latest sales data for a particular project.
  • Check the public records at If the condo doesn’t show what it sold for on public records, it will be hard to determine what true sale price and value was.

Being involved in downtown condo sales, I can usually give you some inside information of what is really happening within a building and where value is today and where value might be heading.

I wish it was an easier process but I guess that’s why I have a job selling condos in downtown! With my knowledge comes value to you, the customer. Let me know how I can put my knowledge to work for you.