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GR’s West-Side Welcomes New Animals to The John Ball Zoo

Since 1890, the John Ball Zoo has served as the foremost center for animal conservation and exploration in Grand Rapids. With the awakening of Spring comes the seasonal re-opening, and kids and parents of all ages are eagerly awaiting the chance to see some recent animal additions to the exhibits.

According to a WOODTV-8 article, a Six-banded armadillo is one of the newest animals to call John Ball Zoo ‘home’ . This mammal is native to South America and is iconic for its ability to curl itself into a ball when sensing a threat or predator.

Another highly anticipated animal to make its debut to The John Ball Zoo is a Giant Pacific Octopus. In the wild Giant Pacific Octopi can measure up to 16 feet across and can weigh up to 110 lbs (about 30 lbs on average). This ocean predator will mystify you with its beauty and sheer intelligence, displaying detailed memory and acute vision.

Wyatt the Red Panda has been a crowd favorite since his unveiling in August of 2017. Dazzling viewers with his bright red tail and stripes he wows visitors with his speed and playfulness.  This year, zookeepers will be tasked with playing ‘matchmaker’ as they plan to introduce a female Red Panda in late summer of 2019. The overall hope is that Grand Rapids may see some younger Red Pandas in the near future, but time will tell.

If you are looking for a fun spring or summertime activity for your family and loved ones, consider making a day trip to the John Ball Zoo. With nearly 2,000 animals and 230 different species, this will be an exciting and educational experience that you will cherish for years to come. Visiting hours are from 10AM – 4PM every day, and admission varies depending on the season and group size.

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