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Helen Devos Children’s Hospital

Today marks an exciting day for Downtown Grand Rapids! Helen Devos Children’s Hospital opens its door in a brand new, state of the art building.

Helen Devos Children’s Hospital has been open for quite some time operating out of the Butterworth Spectrum Campus but now, it has it’s own home. This amazing building offers kids a place to grow, feel safe, and heal. For parents, it offers quiet space to gain strength through difficult times. There are also private restroom facilities and rooms to speak to the doctors and nurses taking care of their precious children. For our community, it offers a first-class hospital focused on making our futures better through the healing and helping of our next generations.

My heart is overwhelmed with excitement for this opening as just over 2 years ago my life was changed forever with the blessing that is Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. With their skilled staff, my boys were given every chance to live and grow.

Thank you Helen Devos Children’s Hospital for what you have done for my family and what you will continue to do for all the families in our community.