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Heritage Hill – Architecture Everywhere

Condos in the Heritage Hill Neighborhood provide the unique experience of living in beautiful modern-era properties, all while being enveloped by mid-19th-century homes. Walking around Heritage Hill, you will gain an appreciation for a few of Grand Rapids’ most coveted architectural gems.

Once the pinnacle neighborhood of town, this district was reserved solely for the Grand Rapids rich and elite. However now, Heritage Hill is home to a diverse population with thriving ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Each May, be sure to take an annual tour of the surrounding historic homes. Hosted by the Heritage Hill Association, this annual experience is both entertaining and educational to all ages.

On your tour, you will experience properties including the Meyer May House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908. This home remains a stark visual contrast to the popular homes at the time and aesthetically ushered in prairie style architecture to the early twentieth century.

Just a short distance from central downtown, heritage hill offers all the benefits of a downtown lifestyle, with the close-knit fondness of a suburban neighborhood. Contact us today, and we will help you find your next condo in this wonderful part of town.

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