One of my favorite new places downtown Grand Rapids is the MoDiv shops. The name hails from being situated on Monroe Center and Division. This is a new innovation in retail and I am very excited for it.

Slated as a ‘retail incubator’, MoDiv is a large open space with glass walls dividing retailers. Companies range from a flower shop and paper studio to kitchen/household items and shoes and clothes. Some of the companies are well-known names like Wolverine and Eastern Floral and some are just starting out like Chai Boutique and 6.25 Paper Studio.

MoDiv is appealing to retailers because it gives them the option to get their name known without all the overhead cost of owning or leasing their own space. Also, if someone is coming in to check out shoes at Wolverine, they might be drawn to see the other stores and become a new fan.

If you haven’t been to the shops at MoDiv yet, take some time to check them out. You might find your new favorite store!