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Northeast Grand Rapids Adds a New Gordon Foods Store

On the northeast side of downtown Grand Rapids sits the neighborhoods of Belknap and The Medical Mile. Home to medical professionals, students, and families alike, this area sits atop one of the more magnificent views of the city.

A recent addition to this part of town is the September 2018 grand opening of a brand new Gordon Foods grocery store. Located on the corner of Michigan and Diamond Street, this store is designed to accommodate the growing population of the northeast side.

In an interview with MLive, Brandon Ryan, Senior Manager of Sales, Marketing, Merchandising & Digital Experience at Gordon Food Service revealed that the format of this new store was heavily influenced by the design and options of grocery stores in New York City.

“We took some trips to Manhattan, looked at some of those urban retailers and said, ‘well how are they doing it? What are some of the things they bring, and what are their stores designed like?” — Brandon Ryan

With plenty of fresh produce, a diverse selection of deli meats, and plenty of health-conscious foods, this full-service grocery store is perfect for the busy urbanite on the go.

If you are interested in living on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids and look forward to having close access to this new store, please contact us, and we will help you find your next condominium.

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