The Rowe- Restoration

Rowe Building Restoration

  • General Contractor – Triangle Associates
  • Architect and Design – Integrated Architecture
  • Comprehensive Exterior Renovation
  • Restoration of Masonry – all facades
  • Restoration of Terra Cotta, including replacement of more than 400 damaged pieces
  • Installation of all new windows and retail storefronts
  • New streetscape including paver details and snowmelt system on Michigan and Monroe frontage
  • Exterior lighting package highlighting beautiful historic features
  • Total Renovation of Building Interior
  • Building was gutted down to concrete structure
  • Installation of completely new Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Protection Systems
  • Installation of 3 new elevators
  • Addition of a new 11th floor
  • Construction of 77 apartments, 9 condominium and 9600 SF of Retail Space
The Rowe Construction
The Rowe Restoration

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