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Why now is a great time to buy


Every year I tell my buyers that the holiday months and June are great times to buy for those looking in competitive price points, and every year my buyers (most of them) wait until March 1st to start looking. Every year, those Spring buyers put in multiple offers, usually above ask, and sometimes waiving inspections and/or appraisal contingencies. They often spend more than homes are appraised for and put a lot of energy and heartache into the home search. While I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and ends up the way it should, I do wish my buyers would consider looking in the Winter and middle Summer months.

During these months there are typically fewer buyers out looking, meaning less competition. Also, Sellers tend to be motivated if they are selling during the holidays.

Right now there are 265 homes listed in Kent County in the $150,000 to $250,000 price range. 234 of them have been listed for 10 days or more. I’ve found that when a home has been listed for more than 10 days it can give you room to negotiate and possibly get the seller to pay your closing costs.

If you find a home that needs some fixing, consider that contractors may be more readily available during these colder months. Once Spring and Summer hit you may be looking at weeks before getting on their schedule.

You can still close by the end of this year! Spend the holidays in your new home! If you need a lender that can help you close within 30 days or less let me know, I have several I would recommend.

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